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The Mendez Corporation

The Mendez Corporation aims to provided high quality in the construction industry at a very competitive cost. It is the goal of the company to achieve a greater reputation for quality and on-time delivery than the current competitors in the Pennsylvania area. TMC is committed to delivering on time completion. They maintain high integrity on all promised timelines and quality assurances.

TMC’s method will offer complete adaptability at cost-effective prices. The drawings that are supplied to our company will specify the order of assembly, and production. At TMC, our goal is to produce complete customer satisfaction within all construction phases.

Work History

Greenwich and Cross Street Project

Lotte Plaza Project

16th and Norris Project

Norris Square Civic Association - Las Terrazas

Strawberry Mansion Home Ownership Project

Ludlow Phase 2 Project

Project Manager/Estimator

Angel Mendez

Assistant Project Manager

Ashley Mendez

Starlight Starbright Play & Learn

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